Friday, January 1, 2021

"Mask On" - As the world resumes the new normal

Its doesn't matter how hard you fall or how many times you fall - what matters is how many times you fell and got back up! Rocky Balboa said so.

This unprecedented times that hit the world in 2020 will go down in history like a phenomenon. 

This period is actually a true test of who you really are. Now read the first line of the post again.

How much can you push yourself to what breaks you? Lockdown made me realize there is so much time that we have at hand and it actually gets wasted. 

In my case it is laziness and then it is sufficient to open a lot of boxes as an empty mind is a devils workshop. I have tried to adopt the following 
  • Stay occupied - pick up a hobby if you don't have one already
  • Exercise
  • Be productive
  • Keep your cool
  • Stay focused
  • Stay calm but don't stay at rest
  • Sleeping is good - don't oversleep. Anything that gets overdone is harmful
  • Get a balance
  • Keep communicating with your folks
  • Stay put - be open to ideas - fail fast - find it fix it
This probably will become a way of life and world will resume the new normal with "Mask On."

With hope that the effective vaccine reaches all in a timely manner...take care of yourself, stay safe and healthy!

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