Friday, January 4, 2019

Traveling Mantra from Clicktouring

I believe traveling improves you as an individual, it increases your awareness and helps you learn to adapt and improvise.

To all of you I ask - how many places have you traveled? And do you have a mantra to be followed on those trips? (please comment)

Below is what I have been doing and I look forward to hearing your style.

Don't mess with the clock
Recheck the timing of your flights/transportation one last time and set a reminder on your phone. Don't go by your memory, make sure that you see the timings of the next flight one more time and set a reminder. Then reach airport/train station/bus stand early. I have had bad dreams of missing my flight. Don't let it become a reality. Also pay attention to the difference in the time zones while looking at the clock.

Action takes place on foot
Explore the location on foot (with a few exceptions). Pack the correct pair of shoes for trekking or just roaming around.

Take the public transport
Always know how much money you have. If you can manage, explore the options of public transport. Look for a daily/weekly train/bus/tram pass depending on your stay. Its a nice way to roam around.
While we are on the topic of transportation, let me also mention to carry your driving license on all your trips. You never know when there could be possibility or need to renting a vehicle.

Go local
Take notes, learn a few local words. Get a local sim card. Talk to locals,taxi drivers get their advice (hotel, restaurants, places worth visiting, etc). And this one is my favorite - try local cuisines. Another part of going local means that you may have to to negotiate with the vendors while shopping.Saving a dime here and there doesn't hurt anyone! :)

Be aware of your surrounding
This is very important not only from safety aspects, but also not getting lost. At most of the hotels, you can easily find a rack displaying maps and brochures/pamphlets covering major highlights in and around the city, including major events, famous attractions, food guide, etc. You can easily find a public transport map for train and bus for the city, region that can be very handy during local commute. Also check on the timing of the last available public transport along with basic do's and dont's.

Very important - Be careful while taking selfies.

Have fun and enjoy
Don't get worked up to capture everything in your camera. Because there are moments that a camera cannot capture. It is best to live and enjoy that view, as you can never get enough. But yes, do backup your pictures every night. And while we are on the topic of backup - carry spare batteries, a spare mobile and keep a backup of all your documents (passport/insurance/tickets/reservations/) both online and offline.

Next, if you are traveling on business, make good use of your weekends. If you can manage to be in your meetings on time, visit the nearby places and countries.

And last - travel light. Read my blog on this.

Happy landings!


  1. beautiful post! i have traveled many places but only in India and i always think about this kind of mantra due to my trip plan so that i become more aware and don't forget to carry an important things. this post helps me a lot for my next trip to pilgrimage tours in India

    1. Great to hear that Pilgrimage Tourism!
      Happy landings!

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