Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Heritage Transport Museum, Taoru...a hidden gem near Gurgaon

Among various other benefits of being a HOG member, one of them is that you get to visit some of the hidden gems of the city.
The Heritage Transport Museum, Taoru

I never heard of the place called Heritage Transport Museum. It is located on the Bilaspur-Taoru road, about 41 kms from Iffco Chowk, Gurgaon.

We started early morning on Sunday, August 23, 2015 from Vasant Kunj for our ride to the museum. In about an hour's time we arrived at the destination.

The museum is built on a three acres plot with four floors encompassing a built up area of over 90,000 square feet. The floor comprise of the exhibition galleries, library and reference center, conference rooms, mini auditorium, the museum shop, and a restaurant.

As we entered the Museum, we were greeted by the staff at the reception which was actually a vintage car. the staff was very friendly and soon all of us were taken on a guided tour of the museum.
The reception
The museum showcases the history and evolution of transportation in India. We were told that this was the first private museum of its scale in India and all the vehicles in display are in working condition.

The first display we saw was on evolution of wheels, which according to me was the most attractive exhibit in the entire museum. It narrated the innovative changes brought about by our ancestors, resulting in the current day's locomotive industry and much more.

Evolution of wheels - from right to left
As we moved on, the next section was on railways. It displayed the original wagon which belonged to Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur. Visitors are not allowed to enter the wagon. Next to the wagon there was a simulation of a historic Indian railway platform along with display of old lights, ticket punching machine, a few models, and old advertisements.

The Jodhpur Wagon of Maharaja Jaswant Singh
As we moved on, the next section was on carts. On display were various carts which were pulled by humans, bullocks, horses, and camels. The one that caught my attention was the goat cart. Yes, it is pulled by a goat.
Various carts pulled by Bullocks and horses

The goat cart
Then we moved to the basement of the museum where on display were cars from Bollywood including the famous three wheeled car Badal (in movie Ram Balram, 1980) and the original car driven by Shahrukh Khan in the movie DDLJ.
The three wheeled car - Badal
The original car from DDLJ, a modified Gypsy by DC
There is a historic petrol pump on display that has manually operated petrol pump.This was similar to a handpump

An exhibit of an old petrol pump with a manually operated unit
This floor had a wide collection of cars which were made in India, as well as imported. There is a section for Hindustan Motors, Ford, Chevrolet and random collection of vintage cars.

Vintage, the blue car is the oldest car in the Museum

The HM sections with Ambassador Mark1(green) and 2(biege)
Display of an old street
Ford Section
The vintage hard top convertible car
Pretty old exhibit of Land Rover
Multiple sections such as toys, aviation, maritime, contemporary art, etc. were displayed on the first and second floor of the museum.

A glimpse of the Aviation section
A trainer Aircraft in display

A glimpse from the Maritime section

A house boat

A glimpse from the Contemporary Arts section
Truck made from stapler pins
Series of planes
Paper planes
Another Chevy on display
A car covered with 18000+ one rupee coins

Just before winding up, I took a picture with the staff as a souvenir.
Photograph with the staff
With each ride having its own story and so much more to offer, the museum is a perfect spot for a family outing over the weekend.

There are many first of it's kind and unique exhibits. Be there to experience it!

Cost of ticket for adult: INR300 (discount applicable for students)

Best time to visit: All throughout the year

How to reach: By road from New Delhi via NH8 and then left on to the Bilaspur-Taoru road


  1. Nicely put together. Kudos.. !!!

  2. Thank you Chirash. I am glad you liked this!

  3. Good initiatives guys. . Infact it will help ppl as a travel guide and inspiration to travel to these places . Good kuck and keep it coming Alka &Abhay

  4. Good initiatives guys. . Infact it will help ppl as a travel guide and inspiration to travel to these places . Good kuck and keep it coming Alka &Abhay

  5. woww...looks nice....what time does it open in the morning?

  6. Thanks Kcreative!

    It opens at 10:00 am.



  7. Hey,

    Even I recently visited the museum and had a great time with my family. Sharing the link with you.

    1. Thanks for sharing the link Mousume. It is nice read. Nice pics too!

  8. Is Photography allowed in this museum?

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