Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Leh, Finally!

When you ask a biker about his dream ride, 10/10 bikers would say a trip to Leh. Being a biker myself, I have been planning for this since 2007 and finally in the May of 2018, I along with my wife finally managed to fly to the mighty Leh. There is some bit of convincing (my better half) left to do this on the two wheels. Hopefully that will happen soon.😇

Romance, thrill, danger, action and tranquility - Leh has got it all. Whatever the eyes can see appears to be naturally photo-shopped.

As I sat down to capture this experience, I was short of words. There is so much to express! 

More on Leh coming soon... 

P.S. This one is very close to my heart and has a dedicated chapter. Watch out for this Ladakh chapter on my blog for more feeds.