Sunday, January 31, 2016

Parathas @ Murthal

Parathas for breakfast and that too after a joyful ride with the HOGs @ Murthal is a delight in itself!

I was longing to be at Murthal to dig in the famous parathas. The opportunity came in form of a Harley Davidson group ride on the first Sunday of 2016. The place is famous for the dhabas and parathas they serve with Loni (makkhan or white butter).

A net distance of about 81 KMs from Gurgaon to Murthal was covered early morning in about an hour. As we left Delhi, we encountered dense fog on the highhway which slowed us a bit. Nevertheless, the parathas kept us focused to proceed towards our destination.

We reached the Amrik Sukhdev dhaba and went straight in for the parathas. The moment we entered the dhaba-cum-restaurant-cum-food court, we were surprised to see the huge crowd. We had to wait for about 15 minutes before we could get a table.

Kudos to the management of the place, it was well organised and inspite of such huge crowd, the order came in 5-7 minutes. I had paneer paratha and aalo pyaz paratha. The parathas come with meduim portions of Loni (white butter) which makes it taste even better.

Having tried the famous parathas of Murthal, I can say that the place is worth a visit.

The road to Murthal is fine, but if you are caught in traffic the journey can be painful. So plan well for this.

How to reach: (From New Delhi) You can drive to Murthal or hire a cab or take a bus from Delhi towards Karnal/Ambala. Start early in the morning or plan the trip over a weekday.

When to go: Throughout the year, runs 24 hours

Enjoy the parathas!

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